Equitech Casting Tape


A method of reinforcing badly damaged or degraded hooves by creating a new (prosthetic) hoof wall and bearing surface so that horses can then be shod reliably or are supported barefoot when they might otherwise be on box rest.

2 inch or 3 inch.

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Uses a ballistic grade polyester binding tape impregnated with a powerful “self-setting” polurethane cement to bind the hoof and within minutes create a hard resilient “shell” or “cuff” which acts as a seconadary ( prosthetic) hoof wall.

This then acts as as if it were part of the hoof wall and becomes the anchor for nails in conventional shoeing or as a secure foundation for “glue on” or reconstructive cement based shoes such as Equitech Rapid Hoof and Shoe reconstruction cement.

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2", 3"