GluShu Frog Support


This high tech Frog Support is the easiest way to add a heart bar to your Glushu. Simply shape the shoe and glue the insert in place. For maximum frog support use in conjunction with silicon putty.




Shape the shoe as normal, check the fit of the insert, if the horses’ frog is a full frog cut the fins away, if not leave them.

If you have closed the shoe and the insert will not close up enough then either cut a larger V and glue or use a size smaller insert and let the glue take up the difference.

Run a bead of Shufit glue in the recess around the insert and fit into shoe, if you need belt and braces then also apply a bead of glue around the insert once fitted, inside and out.

Let the glue cure, then fit the shoe as normal.

Once cured, lift the hoof and with your thumb push some putty into the finned area under the Frog, clean the excess from the inside and put the hoof down.

PLEASE NOTE: GluShu sold separately.