Stud holes to give extra grip when needed for certain terrains

Cuff expands and contracts to fit the shape of the hoof wall when fitting.

Outer ridge on the base provides extra lateral grip.


Inside base glue bonds the hoof to the shoe. Rubber forms a cushion effect for sore hooves.

Lines inside the shoe help it flex.

Marker aligns with the frog when fitting

Bottom can be ground to give breakover at the front or all the way around.

Front can be cut away to allow breakover of the hoof.


A light durable shoe with a 6-10 week shoeing cycle which allows the horse to be worked whilst the hoof heals.

The Glushu has a forged aluminium horseshoe inside with a hardened steel bar at the break over. This allows the Glushu to be shaped to the horses hoof as with any other metal shoe.

​During use, when the rubber wears through on the base of the Glushu the aluminum gives a non slip grip to hard surfaces.

​Glushu will stay on in wet and boggy conditions