UK Handmade Shoes


Per pair

F = front
H= hind

Close in quality to a hand forged shoe, this shoe has a symmetrical, elliptical shape with ‘forged’ upright heels, unique ‘bob punch’ clips and crisp nail holes which offer excellent fit and correct pitch.

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HMS 12F (1 x 7/16)
HMS 12F (1 x 7/16) s/clip
HMS 12H (1 x 7/16)
HMS 13F (1 x 7/16)
HMS 13F (1 x 7/16) s/clip
HMS 13H (1 x 7/16)
HMS 14F (1 x 1/2) toe clip
HMS 14F (1 x 1/2) unclip
HMS 14F (1 x 7/16) s/clip
HMS 14H (1 x 1/2) s/clip
Pledgers F (7/8 x 1/2)
Pledgers H (7/8 x 1/2)

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12F, 12H, 13F, 13H, 14F, 14H, Pledgers F, Pledgers H


Side clip, Toe Clip, Unclipped